My Father ❤️

My father told meYou may be a girlBut you were raisedAs a man.I laughed.Never take noAs an answer.You got to fightAs a man.Never thoughtI could raiseYou this way.Your motherNever thoughtShe'll live upTill todayBut look at her.She may not beHappy but sheHas made it. Was he being serious?I guess so becauseHe taught meNot to ever limitYourself.You... Continue Reading →

Stop it!

Be aware ofYour surroundings.Stop trying to blockThem outWith music.AcknowledgeThe communicationsTaking place inThe sky.The tiny birdsTweeting high pitched. Stop blocking it.Stop it.Give your soulSome breathing space.Why do you thinkYou are always up tight?You are mentallyCrapped up You have beenMentally hoardingThings which don'tBelong in yourMental space.Clear up!!No one is against youNo one wants badFor you.If they doThat's... Continue Reading →


Naive  as I amNaive I still am.Saying yes to awell presented package.Dissapointed to seeThe content reallyDoesn't matchThe package. Go on aheadSwallow theButter pillYou've learnt somethingHaven't you.You played real nice.You've lured me inBut don't thinkFor a moment.I won't fight my way out. You've taught meNot to be unaware.I will take the burn.I will swallow theBitter pillIve... Continue Reading →

More time

I don't have enoughTime to pay attentionTo the things going onAround me.Mentally runningLooking and mumbling.What did I do here?How much time didI spend there? I'm chasing timePlease slow down.You're runningFaster than me.With my hands outstretched.I finally got hold of you. Just like sandYou drop fromMy handJust like a snowflakeYou melt with aTiny touch. What must... Continue Reading →


What words saidWould comfort aGriever?What choicesMade will lead toChange?the words SpokenHas potential toHeal and kill.To comfort and destroy. What words can beSaid to a personIn agonising pain?Will you say yesto nos' or no to the yes?The choice is yours. We make themwithout knowing.Here I amSitting writingWith pain at my back.It eats at meBut I chooseNot... Continue Reading →


There is less colourIn this worldThrough the eyesOf pessimistic humans.The colours of the treesSeems to be dripping away intoThe drainage of the streetsSomething hard hits my legI turn to take a lookA car?Have I become dead aswellBlack and white is all I seeI smile as he makes gesturesOuhh this is real life Charlie chaplinMe like.I... Continue Reading →

My heart and soul

Don't worryI got youand I'm sorryThat I neverLove you.I'm sorryI  never paidmuch attentionTo you.You were hurting.I thought the cureWould comeFrom someone else. I love you andI will tryTo neverignore You.You've been screaming.I thought itwas for other  to  hear  You were hurting  But I ignored it.  Thinking others  Could fix it. You yearned forSome loving l.I... Continue Reading →


Why am I hurtingOh lordPlease speak to meComfort meI'm surroundedBy humans livingTheir best livesTaking opportunityWhen it comes up.Where's mine?Have I not been patient enough.When will it be time?When will I have my time? Always thereAlways giving.I know I'm goingthrough a processWhen will It turn around?When I'm tiredI call to youWhen I'm lonelyI yearn for your... Continue Reading →


It shouldn't be your enemyIt shouldn't be your opponent.It's your partnerTime is your best friendIt keeps you onYour feet.It reminds youTo keep going. Time isn't a weaponTime is a gift.It is preciousAnd should beTreated with care.Don't over use itThere is plentyOf it to go around.Take it slowShare it roundYou will get moreThings done Gift as... Continue Reading →

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