It shouldn't be your enemyIt shouldn't be your opponent.It's your partnerTime is your best friendIt keeps you onYour feet.It reminds youTo keep going. Time isn't a weaponTime is a gift.It is preciousAnd should beTreated with care.Don't over use itThere is plentyOf it to go around.Take it slowShare it roundYou will get moreThings done Gift as... Continue Reading →

Never ending

You fought the nightYou wrestled against theShadows of yourChildhoods past.You were capturedAnd heldIn the drumming room.Slepless nightsHad your pillowWith wet patches. Your lifeless companionNext to youYou held it close.What wordsWould it sayThat would comfort youIn the drumming room.The banging never seized.The temporary medsSeemed to have worked. Years gone passedDifferent battlesYou had to fight.Comparing yoursTo people... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

I don't know Im too busy Enjoying this Ride I forgot to plan My next move. Stupid. Who doesn't plan Their next move? You can't alway be In education. You have to be Ready for your next Transit. So what next? Where next? Do you know? Do u have enough Qualifications In your bag? Do... Continue Reading →

Teach me

Who am I without it? I don't like normal I don't like majority I like being special I like being unque My qualities stand out. So please give it back. I just need that push To get me to the finish line. You depend on it You've forgotten Where your true Loyalty lies. You don't... Continue Reading →


Avoid. Dodge Hide and push. Everything has its time I can't deal with it I don't the feel of it. Push. Dodge You can't stop me I won't be held down. Run. As fast as you can. Avoid as much as you can. You can't reach me I won't allow it. Like mud You surround... Continue Reading →

Time lapse

Looking out The window I can see. Oh I can see, People walking by, Drivers driving through So many lives looossstt. Oh that's just sad!! How time has changed. People walking by Were all jolly And care free. Now theyre walking By with eyes behind their heads. The circle of life Seem to have changed.... Continue Reading →

The process

There are days I can't breathe. There are days I think deep. But that's just it, I feel the pressureThen it's gone. Not that anything changesIt's all in me.I stop talking. Mute is the key Focus on what needs doingGet it done. Worry later. Look around you. Come out of your mind Take a good... Continue Reading →

Some loving

You are annoying You piss me off at times But I can't get rid of you You need my attention At the wrong time You come to me I push you off You sulk. You just need some loving An emotion That I really don't show It's hard to be tough and vulnerable. I can't... Continue Reading →

Switch off

Constantly active Physically drained Mentally active. Why won't you Stop running round and round. Switch off for goodness sake. I am done fighting. I shut my eyes My mind goes wild. And the circle repeats itself.

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