More time

I don't have enoughTime to pay attentionTo the things going onAround me.Mentally runningLooking and mumbling.What did I do here?How much time didI spend there? I'm chasing timePlease slow down.You're runningFaster than me.With my hands outstretched.I finally got hold of you. Just like sandYou drop fromMy handJust like a snowflakeYou melt with aTiny touch. What must... Continue Reading →


You are allowed.You are permitted.You are okay.You will be  fine.Nothing you've doneIs wrong.Communicate, speak,Express yourself.They are all differentThey won't judge you. You asked for help.Well done.They do care.Shut down thatNegative voice.Everything is alright.You've doneNothing wrong.Just breathe.

The Hurts of Time

It aches.Your soul isBeing burnt aliveBy their words.Held down by their wordsYou become silent.The cat has succeededIn catching your tongue. With each meanHeartless knifeStabbing wordsSpoken at youBurns your soul.You've been caughtand held downShocked at their words.Inside outYou slowly turn into stone. Their words won'tPenetrate now.You've succeededIn being a wall.Born into a herdOf flesh and bonesAll... Continue Reading →

The Currants

Life is a very deep beautiful oceanFilled with different visualSeen and unseenThey all play the strings of ourEngine.With a change of motionWe get caught in the currentGasping for air,Kicking punching and screaming.We see but we dont see.Over the years we've becomeProfessional surfers of thisCurrent I call life. Where are the life guards,They are specially trained.I... Continue Reading →

The process

There are days I can't breathe. There are days I think deep. But that's just it, I feel the pressureThen it's gone. Not that anything changesIt's all in me.I stop talking. Mute is the key Focus on what needs doingGet it done. Worry later. Look around you. Come out of your mind Take a good... Continue Reading →


Maintenance requires little energy Balance requires attention And awareness. Both can and has been Accomplished. So why is it daunting For me? Why am I not able to Maintain the simplest Of things? You ain't in control And your awareness Isn't stable. Maintaining equilibriumIs a disciplineOf its own.To maintain balanceYou must get hold of yourself... Continue Reading →


You tell me Where to go. You distance Yourself slightly For a period of Time. The problem I think is you. I think I got this But you think I don't. You are back To controlling me. You've planned My life the way You want it. You got me On a leash As your puppet.... Continue Reading →


It's hurts Oh it hurts To see No one is there For you when They told you They will. Humans we all are. Helpful we try to be But it never is enough. I can go out and Beyound for you. I'm sorry as I am Still very much Unavailable. You play the Same game... Continue Reading →


Socially unaware Limited in the errors That can be made. All other roots Were closed The moment I was born. It was already All planned. Rebellion will Not change anything. Stay the course And enjoy the process. Stopped looking Around. Had nothing to learn From the perceived Actions and stories The flesh and bones Tells.... Continue Reading →

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