His eyes

Uncles talking Aunties talking In his eyes You can see He doesn't give a damn. To hell with everything I'mma do whatever I want. They call him heartless They tell him He shouldn't do it. When he needed them The most They all fell quiet. Everyone to their own life. Through his eyes I can... Continue Reading →


Feeling fed up And unsatisfied. Staring at a screen Watching humans act And earn their living I'm here lying in bed Waiting for time to Pass by. Being so focused The days go by As a blur Driving at high soeed The trees and view All fade into one painting. I'm fed up and tired... Continue Reading →

Prisoner or fighter

We see the world through Our eyes. Yet we numb our feelings To please others You wake up And go with the flow You puff a cigg Before u brush Your teeth. The tracks for your train Seems lost. Are you a prisoner or a fighter? Will u fight for your life Take back what... Continue Reading →


Distractions are dangerous They can lead you to a place You never have thought about Distractions If you are not careful You will end up lost. Lost and hard to come Back round If you are determined When your lost you can And will always find your Way back. As a student there are many... Continue Reading →


Mini me is mentally running around. Trying to keep on Top with all the Tasks been verbally Handed to us. Don't panic. I tell myself Deep breath In and out. You got this. This is humanly possible. Writing but letters Are passing through my head I've forgotten how to spell. Oh no! Get out of... Continue Reading →


Living a life of peace and comfort Is what I want. Life looks down at me and laughs. Can't a girl like me Sit and dream of how life would be With comfort? Easy to reach Yet hard to get Life isn't about comfort The game isn't that easy. What a fool I am! I... Continue Reading →


You are giving me Everything but time Why is that? Well, my dear friend I cannot give something You already have. I don't have time. I have little in fact. You need only look properly At what you have. I tell you. You have time. You gave me stress, You gave me anxiety, You gave... Continue Reading →


We see from the outside. We hear from the outside. What we think and feel Comes from inside. It flows in then out. It is said that Happiness flows From within. But so does every emotion. I look at every human From the outside They are all inside. Lost in their thoughts Lost in their... Continue Reading →


My head and my brain. My mind and my eyes My eyes and my mouth. I have been blessed With a gift That can not be replaced Or bought with money. It's GOD given. Surrounded with beauty. Surrounded with blessings Surrounded with silence. I ponder Which can't be helped. Thoughts comes Which can't be helped.... Continue Reading →

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