Being drunk is good But being dragged Back to reality Hurt my heart. I don't want this to end I don't want this peace To end The reality makes my head numb It makes my heart hard. Will I ever get peace Will I ever fell peace .these questions hurts I see people around me... Continue Reading →

Help Me

Help me to shake it or take it away. This gloomy feeling, the emptiness I feel unmotivated to continue this journey I am on. I was doing fine driving myself in the direction that I want to go. So someone just help me I don't need you to stick around I just want this feeling... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

if only someone could tell me what to do where to go how to feel and how to speak cause this is feeling a little all too much. I turn my head to the right no shoulder to lean on to my left I see family members all too busy with their own desires what... Continue Reading →

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