The Fighter.

I'm always scared To fall behind So I work like My life depends On it. It does if you think About it. Without education Who am I? I have skills But no sponsor To drive it through. Who am i Without knowledge? Just a plain boring Vessel That has nothing To offer in this life.... Continue Reading →

Hold it down

Stand firm Stay focused The hardship May still be going But our stop hasnt Arrived Hold it down Don't lose hope Stay grateful Stay focused On the daily blessings Little is the money Plenty is the blessing Awaiting you. Turn your tunnel vision On. The wind blows heavy The flag must be held down You... Continue Reading →


But am I willing Will I stick to it Till the end Through thick and thin? Can I commit Or will I quit Am I willing Or am I a weakling What will be my next move It's very easy to less loose Losely started As each day goes by I ignore the warning signs.... Continue Reading →

Never less

You got it In you You may doubt But the results Say otherwise. The process Drains you Don't expect Nothing less. It was and is Never going to be Easy. Nothing goes easy If it does Then the results Are not the results. You push As hard as possible Never less. You work fast And... Continue Reading →


We see from the outside. We hear from the outside. What we think and feel Comes from inside. It flows in then out. It is said that Happiness flows From within. But so does every emotion. I look at every human From the outside They are all inside. Lost in their thoughts Lost in their... Continue Reading →

A way

I have found a way, to live my life. To follow my heart, To the right path. For I am old enough. To know good from bad, And sad from happy. The adult life is very busy. How do we make it work? I know by his power. He stands with me. He holds me... Continue Reading →


We have highs and we have lows. The power is in our hands. We can dance or, We can cry. It's up to us, To make the right decision. Yes it's hard, It's like pushing a wall, That doesn't seem to move. But once you look back, You"ll see you've come so far. So don't... Continue Reading →

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