My heads not in it I'm fighting Pushing But I'm straining myself Locked in a cage That I set for myself Why do I do that To myself. I am moving forward But I still have these Confined walls Holding me back Are they protecting Or blocking my view? It's a tough chose To make... Continue Reading →

Switch off

Constantly active Physically drained Mentally active. Why won't you Stop running round and round. Switch off for goodness sake. I am done fighting. I shut my eyes My mind goes wild. And the circle repeats itself

His eyes

Uncles talking Aunties talking In his eyes You can see He doesn't give a damn. To hell with everything I'mma do whatever I want. They call him heartless They tell him He shouldn't do it. When he needed them The most They all fell quiet. Everyone to their own life. Through his eyes I can... Continue Reading →

Puppet of evil

I stand from afar And watch As you spray your Posion to the younger one. Physically human Internally you have Become a puppet Of the devil. You've been blinded You've been captive. As you walk And speak You spray venom I pray for you to be free I can not confront you. You lure me... Continue Reading →

Opposite attract right?

You would see me But you won't notice me. You walk past me daily We exchange words often. There are times you are My prisoner And there are times I'm your offender. I am also your lover Your best friend Without me You feel numb. Depression is my name. I love you and you hate... Continue Reading →


Feeling fed up And unsatisfied. Staring at a screen Watching humans act And earn their living I'm here lying in bed Waiting for time to Pass by. Being so focused The days go by As a blur Driving at high soeed The trees and view All fade into one painting. I'm fed up and tired... Continue Reading →

Back sit passenger

Swiping up Nothing comforts me. I'm numb. So used to acting I forget how I feel. There's no use in trying. I just go with the flow The glow has gone. They want me happy So I stay acting. Don't like questions Being asked So I stay in the role. The big sis I worked... Continue Reading →

Prisoner or fighter

We see the world through Our eyes. Yet we numb our feelings To please others You wake up And go with the flow You puff a cigg Before u brush Your teeth. The tracks for your train Seems lost. Are you a prisoner or a fighter? Will u fight for your life Take back what... Continue Reading →

No keys no emotions

I got emotions But they won't Come out. Why won't they Come out. Swiping and staring Waiting and wishing For a trigger to come At me. It comes but it Crumples away like dust. It's no use in trying. This is me. The new me. I sit and stare With emotions Banging begging to come... Continue Reading →

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