The Currants

Life is a very deep beautiful oceanFilled with different visualSeen and unseenThey all play the strings of ourEngine.With a change of motionWe get caught in the currentGasping for air,Kicking punching and screaming.We see but we dont see.Over the years we've becomeProfessional surfers of thisCurrent I call life. Where are the life guards,They are specially trained.I... Continue Reading →

The process

There are days I can't breathe. There are days I think deep. But that's just it, I feel the pressureThen it's gone. Not that anything changesIt's all in me.I stop talking. Mute is the key Focus on what needs doingGet it done. Worry later. Look around you. Come out of your mind Take a good... Continue Reading →

Two sides of the coin

There's too sides of the same coin Very stupid very good Of the same coin. This life we be living Is the coin. The decisions we make Are the two sides of the coin Nothing's in between. You never hesitate You make the toss. Not knowing But internally knowing Which side might show. So u... Continue Reading →

Another wall

It doesn't feel as bad anymore My back against it And I ain't stressed Or anxious over this Stage anymore. I feel it. It's envitable. The cold nimbingly Away at my bones I've hit yet another wall. But I'm not panicking. I lay on this bench One hand supporting My head. Embraced by the cold... Continue Reading →

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