Self Doubt

Stuck on stupid. Knowing what You know. Yet you still make The simplest of errors. The outsiders start Wondering why. You give them a blank stare. Knowing of nothing That just happened. You suffering from Memory lost? Nah I just don't Control the automatic Reset mode my brain Goes into sometimes. Must be nice hey?... Continue Reading →

Not Ready Yet

I'm underground. There's nothing To show off here. It's all hardwork With long nights. You sit for so long You start to get Back pain. I've got my glutes All tight up. It hurts to walk It hurts to sleep It even hurts to laugh. That don't matter Cause my relationship With sleep is like... Continue Reading →

You got this

You are a student Don't you forget. The life you live Has lessons waiting to be taught. Don't beat yourself Over the things You don't know. You are a learner Open your mind And learn. There is nothing bad In not knowing Naive as u are The world is filled With teachers To give you... Continue Reading →

The Glass Box

You see me But you can't hear me. I hear your words. I feel your hurt. I speak comfort Into the atmosphere But you can't hear me. What can I do For you to hear me? What actions must I make For you to take me seriously? I am not an act. I am not... Continue Reading →


Throwback poem from couples years ago (4 years) I really am trying my bestfeeling like i'm being chocked upwith all the expectationsand the revisions.Just like my dad is fightingi can say i'm not fightingbut at least i am trying.This is my last runso i understandthat i have to make it count. The insult of sleepingso... Continue Reading →


My life is my life Stop looking at the life Your friends have. It might be a high lie Secretly wanting to die Is what they might be  wishing for Happiness is not in their daily schedule Pretence is their number one resource My life took a massive detour For the lord Answered my cries... Continue Reading →

The mind

It keeps you company When you are alone Or surrounded by people. It is your best friend But your worst enemy. You've become attached. It's time to let go For the relationship Is toxic. You start to question yourself. What will you do without it. You must let go You want to let go. But... Continue Reading →


As I walk in life I strive. I dont struggle anymore. things come to me with ease. Is that fair? I have become more and more determined everyday. I started with a lot of people around me. As I continue to face my daily challenges, I become greater and better. I started to lose the... Continue Reading →


There are days in my lifeI wish things could go better. But I know deep downI must go through this. No matter the weatherCome rain or sunCome darkness or lightI can stay on the bright side. Whenever I fallEverytime I fallI want to crysulk, moanWaiting for someoneTo pick me up.It never happens. I stop crying... Continue Reading →

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