My heart and soul

Don't worryI got youand I'm sorryThat I neverLove you.I'm sorryI  never paidmuch attentionTo you.You were hurting.I thought the cureWould comeFrom someone else. I love you andI will tryTo neverignore You.You've been screaming.I thought itwas for other  to  hear  You were hurting  But I ignored it.  Thinking others  Could fix it. You yearned forSome loving l.I... Continue Reading →

Repost: progress

How did I become this personThat no longer craves other humansFor my own comfort?Where did it all change?Looking backtrying to put the pieces togetherI can't seem to figureIt all outWith each year that past.One person was removed from meThey moved onOr found other friendsIt never bothered me. Looking backI depended on them like oxygen.I relied... Continue Reading →

Need a Refill

I don't like it.This edging feelingI want to turn mySkin inside out.The urge to be invisibleIs real.I don't like being picked at.Go pick on someone else.I don't like feeling disgusted. I take a deep breath inAnd fill it into a bagDo that a couple timesAnd toss it away.I need a refillI emptyI search for somePositive... Continue Reading →

Tap out

I want to tap out. I want another way out. I can't go on like this. I was fine, Boxed my emotions away. Done as was told. Respect. Smile. Lead by a good example. That's just it. What next. You tell me what to do, Forget I have a choice, And a voice too. Man... Continue Reading →

No sense

This doesn't make sense Why am I under attack? I know it isn't me. I know I'm not depressed And I'm defo not anxious. Whats up mind? Why you doing this? We were doing well. Didn't you like not Being held down? You've come so far. I'm looking around Trying to see What I've done... Continue Reading →

The Match

You've put me to one cornerI've done nothing wrong  yet you drag me And beat me up. I dont know whatI've done to upset you. I left you. You weren't good for me. I got tired of youI didn't want you around So I left. You caught me off guard. Like my opponent You're giving... Continue Reading →

The Fighter.

I'm always scared To fall behind So I work like My life depends On it. It does if you think About it. Without education Who am I? I have skills But no sponsor To drive it through. Who am i Without knowledge? Just a plain boring Vessel That has nothing To offer in this life.... Continue Reading →


He calls it erratic behaviour. But the day to day term Is anxiety You never know When the next wave Will come. You just hope that You will be able to control it. Clinging your teeth Waiting for the wave to pass Don't give in Don't give in. You've got this Don't let it get... Continue Reading →


You've dropped it You look around Hoping someone Would help you out. They all seem distracted. To your left A group picking up their Own broken pieces To your right A group sticking their Pieces together. You look down Shaking trembling. Blinded by the tears Treaming down. Am I invisible? You open your mouth They... Continue Reading →

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