What words saidWould comfort aGriever?What choicesMade will lead toChange?the words SpokenHas potential toHeal and kill.To comfort and destroy. What words can beSaid to a personIn agonising pain?Will you say yesto nos' or no to the yes?The choice is yours. We make themwithout knowing.Here I amSitting writingWith pain at my back.It eats at meBut I chooseNot... Continue Reading →

Repost: progress

How did I become this personThat no longer craves other humansFor my own comfort?Where did it all change?Looking backtrying to put the pieces togetherI can't seem to figureIt all outWith each year that past.One person was removed from meThey moved onOr found other friendsIt never bothered me. Looking backI depended on them like oxygen.I relied... Continue Reading →

The Currants

Life is a very deep beautiful oceanFilled with different visualSeen and unseenThey all play the strings of ourEngine.With a change of motionWe get caught in the currentGasping for air,Kicking punching and screaming.We see but we dont see.Over the years we've becomeProfessional surfers of thisCurrent I call life. Where are the life guards,They are specially trained.I... Continue Reading →


You tell me Where to go. You distance Yourself slightly For a period of Time. The problem I think is you. I think I got this But you think I don't. You are back To controlling me. You've planned My life the way You want it. You got me On a leash As your puppet.... Continue Reading →


My life is my life Stop looking at the life Your friends have. It might be a high lie Secretly wanting to die Is what they might be  wishing for Happiness is not in their daily schedule Pretence is their number one resource My life took a massive detour For the lord Answered my cries... Continue Reading →


There are days in my lifeI wish things could go better. But I know deep downI must go through this. No matter the weatherCome rain or sunCome darkness or lightI can stay on the bright side. Whenever I fallEverytime I fallI want to crysulk, moanWaiting for someoneTo pick me up.It never happens. I stop crying... Continue Reading →


Surrounded by peopleliving in the moment. Whist I just want to press pauseAnd escape this moment. I'm tired of being busySoon I will be tired of not being busyMan! what's wrong with meThis imbalance is messing me upSome say I just create itHey I guess  I'm that creative


One of life's greatest element Is gravity. The other is time. These two are very different But make a great impact On our lives. One is man made The other exist Whether we Want it to or not. You don't play against life. You may think you got it But when you do It brings... Continue Reading →

No sense

This doesn't make sense Why am I under attack? I know it isn't me. I know I'm not depressed And I'm defo not anxious. Whats up mind? Why you doing this? We were doing well. Didn't you like not Being held down? You've come so far. I'm looking around Trying to see What I've done... Continue Reading →

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