Puppet of evil

I stand from afar And watch As you spray your Posion to the younger one. Physically human Internally you have Become a puppet Of the devil. You've been blinded You've been captive. As you walk And speak You spray venom I pray for you to be free I can not confront you. You lure me... Continue Reading →

Back sit passenger

Swiping up Nothing comforts me. I'm numb. So used to acting I forget how I feel. There's no use in trying. I just go with the flow The glow has gone. They want me happy So I stay acting. Don't like questions Being asked So I stay in the role. The big sis I worked... Continue Reading →

Prisoner or fighter

We see the world through Our eyes. Yet we numb our feelings To please others You wake up And go with the flow You puff a cigg Before u brush Your teeth. The tracks for your train Seems lost. Are you a prisoner or a fighter? Will u fight for your life Take back what... Continue Reading →

Don’t know

My head my mind Once was empty The wall was up strong. Now I'm all alone With nothing but My studies to complete And my future to pounder About. I don't know where I'll be 2 years from now. I don't know what This tiny feeling is about. I'm not scared. I'm just not Used... Continue Reading →

I wish

For I wish only one thing I dry the tears running Down my face My head streaming with thoughts Someone please come From the future Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart As I cry and cry My nights are lonely But so are my days. They... Continue Reading →


Living a life of peace and comfort Is what I want. Life looks down at me and laughs. Can't a girl like me Sit and dream of how life would be With comfort? Easy to reach Yet hard to get Life isn't about comfort The game isn't that easy. What a fool I am! I... Continue Reading →

In control

Are you floating Or slowly drowning? Is your mind at peace? Do u have a steady breath? Are you in control Of the things around you? There are things You can't control That I'm aware. Your mental health is One. You can control it But it's like a heavy current. Thinking ahead Makes me scared.... Continue Reading →


We see from the outside. We hear from the outside. What we think and feel Comes from inside. It flows in then out. It is said that Happiness flows From within. But so does every emotion. I look at every human From the outside They are all inside. Lost in their thoughts Lost in their... Continue Reading →


There are times I get anxious There are times things Get hard for me But that's just it. Focused on the things. You have to do Call it your to do list Nothing else really matters. Don't even look around you. It's all about the to do list. Always have to be on top Of... Continue Reading →

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