Perfect Humans (Nigerians)

Family members can unintentionally drive you to your death bed. i am currently planning to write a poem based on this due to a personal experience i am currently going through . so im halve Nigerian and halve french.. Long story short my parents got divorced and my mum gave us to our dad (who... Continue Reading →

Speak out

Stand at attention! Stand at ease! The only time I'm at ease, Is when I'm asleep. But even then, You've got to keep, One eye open, For anything happening. Never let your guard down, I was told. Can't sleep in peace. Can't eat in peace. I'm surrounded by kids. Like a robot. I do as... Continue Reading →

Keep trying

Trying to be at peace. Fighting to keep It together. Fighting with yourself, A constant battle. I want to give up. I want to choose me. I want me, To be happy. Working for me. Not for him. Look at the bigger picture. It's not all about you. Your decision affect The rest. Arghhhhhh I... Continue Reading →

My wish

  For I wish only one thing. As I dry the tears running Down my face. My head streaming with thoughts, Someone please come From the future. Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart. As I cry and cry, My nights are lonely. But so are my... Continue Reading →

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