Never ending

You fought the nightYou wrestled against theShadows of yourChildhoods past.You were capturedAnd heldIn the drumming room.Slepless nightsHad your pillowWith wet patches. Your lifeless companionNext to youYou held it close.What wordsWould it sayThat would comfort youIn the drumming room.The banging never seized.The temporary medsSeemed to have worked. Years gone passedDifferent battlesYou had to fight.Comparing yoursTo people... Continue Reading →


Avoid. Dodge Hide and push. Everything has its time I can't deal with it I don't the feel of it. Push. Dodge You can't stop me I won't be held down. Run. As fast as you can. Avoid as much as you can. You can't reach me I won't allow it. Like mud You surround... Continue Reading →


Throwback poem from couples years ago (4 years) I really am trying my bestfeeling like i'm being chocked upwith all the expectationsand the revisions.Just like my dad is fightingi can say i'm not fightingbut at least i am trying.This is my last runso i understandthat i have to make it count. The insult of sleepingso... Continue Reading →

No sense

This doesn't make sense Why am I under attack? I know it isn't me. I know I'm not depressed And I'm defo not anxious. Whats up mind? Why you doing this? We were doing well. Didn't you like not Being held down? You've come so far. I'm looking around Trying to see What I've done... Continue Reading →

An island

The rush of lust Drowns me. I'm fighting to keep My head up Resisting the urge. But I'm buzzing My blood oozing. I can't I can't I can't give in to This feeling. Who should I turn to Who can I talk to. I look around and Suddenly I'm left alone in this great big... Continue Reading →


I'm bound together Held apart From the world. Relationships and freedom I yearn for But they seem far reached. Lines and rules Control my actions. They are surprised When I speak. But they don't listen To the emotion. So I show it Should I show it. Not timid No self pity. I summit To the... Continue Reading →


You've dropped it You look around Hoping someone Would help you out. They all seem distracted. To your left A group picking up their Own broken pieces To your right A group sticking their Pieces together. You look down Shaking trembling. Blinded by the tears Treaming down. Am I invisible? You open your mouth They... Continue Reading →


My heads not in it I'm fighting Pushing But I'm straining myself Locked in a cage That I set for myself Why do I do that To myself. I am moving forward But I still have these Confined walls Holding me back Are they protecting Or blocking my view? It's a tough chose To make... Continue Reading →

His eyes

Uncles talking Aunties talking In his eyes You can see He doesn't give a damn. To hell with everything I'mma do whatever I want. They call him heartless They tell him He shouldn't do it. When he needed them The most They all fell quiet. Everyone to their own life. Through his eyes I can... Continue Reading →

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