The sweet whisper of seduction

Heeyyyy😀 welcome back again to another energy filled poem by yours truly : ria.. Fully known as Victoria. So seduction heyy😉 well I'm guessing all of you well think that this is all sexual and all about romance errrrrrrrrrr I will leave that suspense to you😁 how did this come about without giving any spoilers..... Continue Reading →

The boxing match

I will be changing things up now. So heads up😉. With every poem I post I will give a brief background about how it came about. For this particular poem "the boxing match" I wrote it or rather my soul or my ghost hand wrote it as a reflection point to all the feedback I've... Continue Reading →

Broken Angel

The fallen angelsOf our past.were caughtunaware.Going about theirNormal daily routinesFalling in love withOther angels alike. They never knewThe world theyWere aboutTo enter.They followedTheir emotionsThinking followingA good feelingWill only bringThen happiness right? 7 months downThe line.Things ain'tGoing as planned.The sparkThat was oncethere has descipated Angels whoseWings were upFirmly,Now coversThis fallen angelAs they remaincurled up onThe floor.... Continue Reading →

Be free

Just go withThe feeling.Let it outAnd don'tHold on to it.Emotions are meantTo be expressed.No matter the reactionOf others. They don't understandWhy.Even though they say it.You mustBe free. We weren'tMeant forCaptivity.We shall roamWild or tamed.Without a careBe free and let itBe knownFor othersHave no say orControl over you.Be free my dear one. Entertain, produce and createLet... Continue Reading →

I write

I write for thoseWho can't findTheir voice.You've been mutedWithout your consent.How dare they?!They had no right!They had no rightTo harm you!Your lovely kindSoft soul meltsInto their hands. My dearCome hereThe worstIs almost overThey forgot toTake your zealAway.That tiny voiceIs still screamingNo matterHow badlyYou hurt.Scream even liuderNever stop screaming. It resonates.It breaksThe wallsCreated by them.They can't... Continue Reading →

Emotions part 2

They are likeBlood suckingMosquitoes.Draining awayMy energy.They surround meKnowing I can'tDo anythingTo them.So they beatMe up on a daily. I can't do anythingBecause I've been toldThey don't exist.Love doesn't exist.But why can it be felt?It's like a hard waveOr is that lust? It haunts meBut I mute it.Show no emotionThat's the onlyWay to get throughThis life.... Continue Reading →

Forgetful Me

I forget for a whileWhy we stoppedTalking.No warningNo apologiesJust silenceFrom both sidesBut mainly yours. It all come backWhy I thinkWe stopped.I know I can'tBare not talkingTo you.The vibe between us.So strongIt's as thoughThe sea doesn'tSeperate us. Forgetful me ay?We are bothHurting incapableTo love butYet I still seekFor you on myLowest of days. I shouldn't haveBut... Continue Reading →


The path of lifeIs forever changingNothing staysThe same for long.Just like theMoving clouds,The ranging waves,The flog of birdsFlying acrossThe sky.The wind thoughNot seenIs felt moving.It brushes on our skin. It may at timesBe aggressiveJust like everythingThat moves.Emotion is in everythingThat lives.Emotion is theGirft of lifeBut when notHandled correctlyIt burns us from theInside out.Just like a... Continue Reading →

Can’t wait

Originally written : 25-09-2016 You got toLet it goAnd just goWith the positive flow.Yeah, it canGet hardSometimes.You don't haveto be so uptight. I'm always beingTold to loosen up.I'm taking everythingWay too seriously.I'm just scared.I don't want toLoose my grip.I don't want toGo back to theOld me. I don't know whatTo do.I am so usedTo been... Continue Reading →

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