Be on time

Going to bed is easyThe battle hasn'tStarted.Oh, not yet !Nothing feels betterThat the relationshipBetween you andYour bed.Reality calls.It's time to get up.It is awake.It hugs youMuch tighterIt sucks you in. You got toBe on time.Give it a fewMore minutes.One barrier down.The next comes up.Shower time - 5 mins max!!Another hugging sessionMan! This feels good.The warmth,... Continue Reading →


You are allowed.You are permitted.You are okay.You will be  fine.Nothing you've doneIs wrong.Communicate, speak,Express yourself.They are all differentThey won't judge you. You asked for help.Well done.They do care.Shut down thatNegative voice.Everything is alright.You've doneNothing wrong.Just breathe.


There is less colourIn this worldThrough the eyesOf pessimistic humans.The colours of the treesSeems to be dripping away intoThe drainage of the streetsSomething hard hits my legI turn to take a lookA car?Have I become dead aswellBlack and white is all I seeI smile as he makes gesturesOuhh this is real life Charlie chaplinMe like.I... Continue Reading →

The K.O from Anxiety

You locked it inIt comes burstingthrough the doors.Like shoppersOn black Friday.You try your bestTo be on topBut it overflows.You run and hide.Hoping that no one seesYou were neverJust a mess. With no way to control itYou let it out.Hoping for itTo come to an end. It's a K. O!!

Internal Rush

Fast forward mentallyYour vision is aMismatch ofThe present.You speakThey don't listen.You've spoken.With your legsAnd arms crossedYou watch asYour visionComes to pass. They look at youIn disbelief.You once toldThem.They refused toHear your words.Taking it as a weaponThe strike out theirprotective gear. It comes downAs a crashing waveAs thoughIt may take placeAnytime soon.The presentDoesn't rush forNo man.For... Continue Reading →

The First

You've been set in fireYou are ablazeYou've been consumedYour emotions have eatenYou whole.Whats leftIsn't much.Your soul hasbeen captioned.You've becomeA prisonerI'm sorry to sayBut you'reStuck in thePassengers sitStrip tight to the sit.Your body isOn auto pilot. You let your guard down.You took in that emotionYou sniffed itIt aroused you.That high so refreshing.You've lost gripYou're gone. What... Continue Reading →

No Brakes

It's been setOn motionJust praying forA smooth collision.Is that bad?Yeah.This thingShould have comeWith a manualCause I don'tKnow how to stop. I know for sureSleep shuts it downBut what do to till then.The wake periodHas been tempered with.The gear is has beenGreasy over time.Switch off buttonBring delaysTo the start up.Where's the God damn brakes. We humans... Continue Reading →

Some affection

My heart is heardenSo is my skin.I'm coveredAnd protectedNo emotionSeems to getPast. Show me some affectionI want to knowHow I will react.Give me aTight hugWill the wallsAround my heart crumbleInto bits?Rub my armWill your affectionPenetrate thisInvisible armourCreated In theDark days. Show me some affectionWhat will my reaction be?A prisoner of myYounger selfShe yearns toBe protectedAnd... Continue Reading →


It cannot be ¬†stopped What must move must Move. There are things which are forced To stand still. That is not its purpose. The world slowly turns You can see this But you can not feel it. The clouds move They glaze through the Baby blue sky.   The white clouds Herd together As the... Continue Reading →

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