You are allowed.You are permitted.You are okay.You will be  fine.Nothing you've doneIs wrong.Communicate, speak,Express yourself.They are all differentThey won't judge you. You asked for help.Well done.They do care.Shut down thatNegative voice.Everything is alright.You've doneNothing wrong.Just breathe.

Choked up

You've done it again Pushing it down Thinking it won't come out. It's worse. It's gone bad. Left or right Who should I speak to. Would speaking help? What happens if it doesn't All these thoughts piling up. Where and who? I have no more space I'm mentally choking up. Push it all out. You... Continue Reading →

Speed train

Blur I close my eye Head is turning Everyday blending into one It doesn't seem to stop I'm on a speed train. The speed doesn't seem to slow down. 3rd year is mad It goes by so fast If u ain't careful You will be left behind Survival of the smartest That is what uni... Continue Reading →


I'm bound together Held apart From the world. Relationships and freedom I yearn for But they seem far reached. Lines and rules Control my actions. They are surprised When I speak. But they don't listen To the emotion. So I show it Should I show it. Not timid No self pity. I summit To the... Continue Reading →

The flood

It comes when there's peace When least expected Your heart starts Racing. The breathing doubles And you wonder why? The flood of thoughts Has knocked down The floodgates And the tears Starts streaming down. How? Why? You sit And watch as you Drown yourself In the thoughts. There isn't enough You worry about Tomurrow that... Continue Reading →


Being drunk is good But being dragged Back to reality Hurt my heart. I don't want this to end I don't want this peace To end The reality makes my head numb It makes my heart hard. Will I ever get peace Will I ever fell peace .these questions hurts I see people around me... Continue Reading →


Mini me is mentally running around. Trying to keep on Top with all the Tasks been verbally Handed to us. Don't panic. I tell myself Deep breath In and out. You got this. This is humanly possible. Writing but letters Are passing through my head I've forgotten how to spell. Oh no! Get out of... Continue Reading →


There are times I get anxious There are times things Get hard for me But that's just it. Focused on the things. You have to do Call it your to do list Nothing else really matters. Don't even look around you. It's all about the to do list. Always have to be on top Of... Continue Reading →

Running out

What are your fears? Do you have the fear Of missing out On the new things? The new fashion line? The trends that never Seems to stop. Or are you like me That has a fear Of running out. Running out of motivation. Running out of zeal. I have reached that point before. It was... Continue Reading →

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