Hold it down

Stand firm Stay focused The hardship May still be going But our stop hasnt Arrived Hold it down Don't lose hope Stay grateful Saty focused On the daily blessings Little is the money Plenty is the blessing Awaiting you. Turn your tunnel vision On. The wind blows heavy The flag must be held down You... Continue Reading →

The flood

It comes when there's peace When least expected Your heart starts Racing. The breathing doubles And you wonder why? The flood of thoughts Has knocked down The floodgates And the tears Starts streaming down. How? Why? You sit And watch as you Drown yourself In the thoughts. There isn't enough You worry about Tomurrow that... Continue Reading →

Hold me

Chorus Somebody really got to hold me hold me Cause I'm really tired Of coping coping I never really wanted it To end this way. So I'm really trying To keep it together. Verse 1 I really wanna go up to heaven Cause I'm tired of struggling Up in here. Everyday is a different story... Continue Reading →

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