Prisoner or fighter

We see the world through Our eyes. Yet we numb our feelings To please others You wake up And go with the flow You puff a cigg Before u brush Your teeth. The tracks for your train Seems lost. Are you a prisoner or a fighter? Will u fight for your life Take back what... Continue Reading →

Exam season

Hey guys. I haven't been very active using my blog because I've been focusing on my exams, and trying to come to terms with my current battles. I've got a positive mindset that things will pull through. Coming from a family like mine you can't really think about yourself because there are other things going... Continue Reading →

No keys no emotions

I got emotions But they won't Come out. Why won't they Come out. Swiping and staring Waiting and wishing For a trigger to come At me. It comes but it Crumples away like dust. It's no use in trying. This is me. The new me. I sit and stare With emotions Banging begging to come... Continue Reading →


Why can't I cry? I'm fed up But I can't cry. I wake up each day They expect me To be fine. I tell them I'm fine They can't help me. They can't walk in my shoes They can't stop the time For me. So I just keep going I just keep putting One foot... Continue Reading →

Let loose

Heart's beating. Skins' crying. The wild you Has just been Let loose. You have no control Over yourself. You kiss that mouth Like you're drinking water. Water that you've been dying To taste. Your soul longs to belong. Your soul longs to be free. You've got it. And now you are on a thrill ride.... Continue Reading →

Don’t know

My head my mind Once was empty The wall was up strong. Now I'm all alone With nothing but My studies to complete And my future to pounder About. I don't know where I'll be 2 years from now. I don't know what This tiny feeling is about. I'm not scared. I'm just not Used... Continue Reading →


Innocence is pure It's very precious Innocence is like A new born baby Being brought Up in a chaotic World. Pure as the sunrise. Over the years it Starts to drip With blood. What was pure As now being Perverted. It all came to a Violent hult. A stop that is active. A new red... Continue Reading →


Distractions are dangerous They can lead you to a place You never have thought about Distractions If you are not careful You will end up lost. Lost and hard to come Back round If you are determined When your lost you can And will always find your Way back. As a student there are many... Continue Reading →


Mini me is mentally running around. Trying to keep on Top with all the Tasks been verbally Handed to us. Don't panic. I tell myself Deep breath In and out. You got this. This is humanly possible. Writing but letters Are passing through my head I've forgotten how to spell. Oh no! Get out of... Continue Reading →

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