My heart and soul

Don't worryI got youand I'm sorryThat I neverLove you.I'm sorryI  never paidmuch attentionTo you.You were hurting.I thought the cureWould comeFrom someone else. I love you andI will tryTo neverignore You.You've been screaming.I thought itwas for other  to  hear  You were hurting  But I ignored it.  Thinking others  Could fix it. You yearned forSome loving l.I... Continue Reading →

My tormentor

The cravings of a humanIs visciousIt burns internalkyHearts racingMinds rushingImages flowing oastOf a life I wishI could haveI close my eyesAnd I'm happyJust the two of us.Without a care inThe worldWho made allThese rules I want out.I don't want to beHeld downBy rules and expectationsI want lustI want loveI crave for bloodThe metallic tasteIn my... Continue Reading →

Not there

TiresomeThat's what your actionsAre giving out.Stop stressingstop lookingInto places whereNothing can be found.You can not wishSomething physicalInto existence. Please, just stop.It's not there.You are wastingYour energyInto somethingThat cannotBe brought backinto existence.Learn from yourHiccups and move on.Let it go. Why hold onTo an empty mug?Why hold on toSomething thatIsn't there?You cannot graspThe airYou cannotGo back in... Continue Reading →

The Hurts of Time

It aches.Your soul isBeing burnt aliveBy their words.Held down by their wordsYou become silent.The cat has succeededIn catching your tongue. With each meanHeartless knifeStabbing wordsSpoken at youBurns your soul.You've been caughtand held downShocked at their words.Inside outYou slowly turn into stone. Their words won'tPenetrate now.You've succeededIn being a wall.Born into a herdOf flesh and bonesAll... Continue Reading →

Repost : Don’t know

My head my mindOnce was emptyThe wall was up strong.Now I'm all aloneWith nothing butMy studies to completeAnd my future to pounderAbout.I don't know where I'll be2 years from now.I don't know whatThis tiny feeling is about. I'm not scaredI'm just notUsed to beingBlind about my future.My hearts fallen asleepIt's been in a comaSince I... Continue Reading →

Repost: The Club

Everyone has a clubThey go to.They have their vices,Their back up plan,For a quick release,Giving them temporary relief.From Wine to ecstasy.That doorIs wide open.You join the club,Looks good from the outside.But I'm just observing.I want to go in.I see how people come outOf the club.I want no part of it. Who you trying to impress?No... Continue Reading →

Repost: progress

How did I become this personThat no longer craves other humansFor my own comfort?Where did it all change?Looking backtrying to put the pieces togetherI can't seem to figureIt all outWith each year that past.One person was removed from meThey moved onOr found other friendsIt never bothered me. Looking backI depended on them like oxygen.I relied... Continue Reading →

Need a Refill

I don't like it.This edging feelingI want to turn mySkin inside out.The urge to be invisibleIs real.I don't like being picked at.Go pick on someone else.I don't like feeling disgusted. I take a deep breath inAnd fill it into a bagDo that a couple timesAnd toss it away.I need a refillI emptyI search for somePositive... Continue Reading →

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