Am I allowed to feel this certain way Am I allowed to smile At the messages being sent Do I shut this conversation down If I do What will I do next Am I allowed to laugh At dirty jokes Am I allowed to ignite The conversations. Is it okay for me to crave Another... Continue Reading →

An island

The rush of lust Drowns me. I'm fighting to keep My head up Resisting the urge. But I'm buzzing My blood oozing. I can't I can't I can't give in to This feeling. Who should I turn to Who can I talk to. I look around and Suddenly I'm left alone in this great big... Continue Reading →


I'm bound together Held apart From the world. Relationships and freedom I yearn for But they seem far reached. Lines and rules Control my actions. They are surprised When I speak. But they don't listen To the emotion. So I show it Should I show it. Not timid No self pity. I summit To the... Continue Reading →


I know I'm not where I want to be But I'm still hopeful. Trails are present and forever constant So I try to stand By my faith. I wish my life was sorted But whose life isn't. I'mma pack in my self pity And continue living For that day will come The bad days Will... Continue Reading →

Hold it down

Stand firm Stay focused The hardship May still be going But our stop hasnt Arrived Hold it down Don't lose hope Stay grateful Stay focused On the daily blessings Little is the money Plenty is the blessing Awaiting you. Turn your tunnel vision On. The wind blows heavy The flag must be held down You... Continue Reading →

Natural actress

Swiping up Nothing comforts me. I'm numb. So used to acting I forget how I feel. There's no use in trying. I just go with the flow The glow has gone. They want me happy So I stay acting. Don't like questions Being asked So I stay in the role. The big sis I worked... Continue Reading →

Exam season

Hey guys. I haven't been very active using my blog because I've been focusing on my exams, and trying to come to terms with my current battles. I've got a positive mindset that things will pull through. Coming from a family like mine you can't really think about yourself because there are other things going... Continue Reading →

No keys no emotions

I got emotions But they won't Come out. Why won't they Come out. Swiping and staring Waiting and wishing For a trigger to come At me. It comes but it Crumples away like dust. It's no use in trying. This is me. The new me. I sit and stare With emotions Banging begging to come... Continue Reading →


Distractions are dangerous They can lead you to a place You never have thought about Distractions If you are not careful You will end up lost. Lost and hard to come Back round If you are determined When your lost you can And will always find your Way back. As a student there are many... Continue Reading →

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