Ay! You in the tunnel! Do you see the light? When you look all Around you Does the light Help you see Exactly where you are? The light isn't at the End of the tunnel. That's all bull!! Here me out. Listen intensively When I say: The light is the tunnel. Take a moment. Look... Continue Reading →

The mind

It keeps you company When you are alone Or surrounded by people. It is your best friend But your worst enemy. You've become attached. It's time to let go For the relationship Is toxic. You start to question yourself. What will you do without it. You must let go You want to let go. But... Continue Reading →


One of life's greatest element Is gravity. The other is time. These two are very different But make a great impact On our lives. One is man made The other exist Whether we Want it to or not. You don't play against life. You may think you got it But when you do It brings... Continue Reading →

Hold me

Chorus Somebody really got to hold me hold me Cause I'm really tired Of coping coping I never really wanted it To end this way. So I'm really trying To keep it together. Verse 1 I really wanna go up to heaven Cause I'm tired of struggling Up in here. Everyday is a different story... Continue Reading →


Broken but complete You smile But you're hurting. Feeling weak But you keep pushing You don't know What for But you keep going Waking up each day. Next day better Than yesterday. You find small things Worth holding to. You're alone You feel crushed You're hurting But you don't show it. Why show it When... Continue Reading →

Broken mirror

I used to see you In me But When I look At you nowadays I don't recognise you We were good Reciprocal was Our hastag. Now I'm staring at A broken mirror. You're tired of life But I'm still fighting To hold on. I'm not letting The waves wash Me over. The connection We once... Continue Reading →


how do u show it? How do u make Then believe you You are grateful For their actions For their deeds For their attention How do u show When the words don't Measure up To your feelings? You lack resources You can't give back. Your time isn't here You can't give back But you do... Continue Reading →


Mentally absent Walking through life Mind glues to the problems We face. The sun is shining The fresh breeze blowing We don't notice it We are mentally absent. We stroll and walk We look round and See the green grass Others have We look down at ours In our eyes Our grass withers away. The... Continue Reading →

Hold it down

Stand firm Stay focused The hardship May still be going But our stop hasnt Arrived Hold it down Don't lose hope Stay grateful Stay focused On the daily blessings Little is the money Plenty is the blessing Awaiting you. Turn your tunnel vision On. The wind blows heavy The flag must be held down You... Continue Reading →

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