You are allowed.You are permitted.You are okay.You will be  fine.Nothing you've doneIs wrong.Communicate, speak,Express yourself.They are all differentThey won't judge you. You asked for help.Well done.They do care.Shut down thatNegative voice.Everything is alright.You've doneNothing wrong.Just breathe.

The First

You've been set in fireYou are ablazeYou've been consumedYour emotions have eatenYou whole.Whats leftIsn't much.Your soul hasbeen captioned.You've becomeA prisonerI'm sorry to sayBut you'reStuck in thePassengers sitStrip tight to the sit.Your body isOn auto pilot. You let your guard down.You took in that emotionYou sniffed itIt aroused you.That high so refreshing.You've lost gripYou're gone. What... Continue Reading →

Come out

Reach that's all youneed to do.You went into the cornerIn isolationAsking why people don'tTalk to you.They can't see you.You've made yourselfInvisible.Thinking it would helpBut the injured can'tHeal themselves.A child can not take care ofItself. Isolation isn't goodReach out.SpeakThe darknessIsn't for you.People are thereyou just can't see.

Some affection

My heart is heardenSo is my skin.I'm coveredAnd protectedNo emotionSeems to getPast. Show me some affectionI want to knowHow I will react.Give me aTight hugWill the wallsAround my heart crumbleInto bits?Rub my armWill your affectionPenetrate thisInvisible armourCreated In theDark days. Show me some affectionWhat will my reaction be?A prisoner of myYounger selfShe yearns toBe protectedAnd... Continue Reading →


It cannot be ¬†stopped What must move must Move. There are things which are forced To stand still. That is not its purpose. The world slowly turns You can see this But you can not feel it. The clouds move They glaze through the Baby blue sky.   The white clouds Herd together As the... Continue Reading →


It shouldn't be your enemyIt shouldn't be your opponent.It's your partnerTime is your best friendIt keeps you onYour feet.It reminds youTo keep going. Time isn't a weaponTime is a gift.It is preciousAnd should beTreated with care.Don't over use itThere is plentyOf it to go around.Take it slowShare it roundYou will get moreThings done Gift as... Continue Reading →

Cloudless sky

Jet skis in the sky Leaving white marks As the whizz pass. They say The sky's a reflection Of the ocean. Hence the reason Behind its colour. And the white marks In the sky? Well they are Creatures of the sky Each with their own Marks, length and design. A cloudless sky Might be an... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

I don't know Im too busy Enjoying this Ride I forgot to plan My next move. Stupid. Who doesn't plan Their next move? You can't alway be In education. You have to be Ready for your next Transit. So what next? Where next? Do you know? Do u have enough Qualifications In your bag? Do... Continue Reading →


You have created it. You are the character. You make up scenarios In your head Must be prepared For whatever life throws At you. Always expect the unexpected. So you give the Performance of Your lifetime. You plan and practice Your speech. You practice Conversations You think will come up. You act as though your... Continue Reading →

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