Time lapse

Looking out The window I can see. Oh I can see, People walking by, Drivers driving through So many lives looossstt. Oh that's just sad!! How time has changed. People walking by Were all jolly And care free. Now theyre walking By with eyes behind their heads. The circle of life Seem to have changed.... Continue Reading →


I don't know where to start. I don't know when to... I just don't know And if you don't know Then you're lost. You've been left, forgotten Like the jerk chicken From last night. It's never good not to know. You must alway know. If you are unaware You will be caught unaware Alway be... Continue Reading →

The process

There are days I can't breathe. There are days I think deep. But that's just it, I feel the pressureThen it's gone. Not that anything changesIt's all in me.I stop talking. Mute is the key Focus on what needs doingGet it done. Worry later. Look around you. Come out of your mind Take a good... Continue Reading →

Switch off

Constantly active Physically drained Mentally active. Why won't you Stop running round and round. Switch off for goodness sake. I am done fighting. I shut my eyes My mind goes wild. And the circle repeats itself.

Two sides of the coin

There's too sides of the same coin Very stupid very good Of the same coin. This life we be living Is the coin. The decisions we make Are the two sides of the coin Nothing's in between. You never hesitate You make the toss. Not knowing But internally knowing Which side might show. So u... Continue Reading →

Holes in my Bulletproof vest

I was staggent For some years. Safety bubble Was created Around me. Instructions were given For fear of falling astray. I have seen examples. He points them To me As he warns me. Fear of failing. Fear of not been enough. I've allowed myself To be programmed. As years pass by The instructions given Become... Continue Reading →


Used and left alone. You call it love I call it one night stand. It's funny how "love" is showed That's not love That's a tool being used. That's what they see u as. They ain't feeling themselves They need something To make them feel something. So let's go ahead and use the tool. Tools... Continue Reading →


Stop talking Stop telling them. How u spend your times Don't you hear their words Don't you hear the bitterness Underneath their words. They don't like how you move. They don't like to see you do More than them. They call you crazy They call you mad All these name calling wrapped In a smile... Continue Reading →


Ay! You in the tunnel! Do you see the light? When you look all Around you Does the light Help you see Exactly where you are? The light isn't at the End of the tunnel. That's all bull!! Here me out. Listen intensively When I say: The light is the tunnel. Take a moment. Look... Continue Reading →

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