How can something bad Come out from something good? I shot myself on the foot I knew it would hurt. But I done it anyways. Call me crazy Or stupid. That moment was refreshing. I have no regrets What so ever. All work no play Can drive you insane. Take some time out For yourself... Continue Reading →

Dilemma #1

All these feelings Inside of me Are starting to hurt. I'm falling head Over heels for you. But I don't fully Know you. What seems to be Innocent might Not be so innocent. I gotta get my head together Fall into education Not fall out of it. Love can be dangerous If you are not... Continue Reading →

Reflective thoughts

I got thoughts in my head, And i don't know what To do with them. I lock them up Behind closed doors. They come knocking At my door When least expected. I always say expect the unexpected. The thought Of breaking laws seems tempting. But no! I wasn't raised that way. My father once told... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

Pushing. I'm pushing. Ignoring the small thoughts That appear While I'm busy . I spend more time Mentally moving My thoughts Than concentrating On my work. Someone please tell me How to get this right. The self doubt is haunting my nights Am I doing it right? Someone tell me If I'm doing alright. One... Continue Reading →

Walk For Me

It's a new year And I'm sad. Stay with family Then I'm happy. In bed remenesing On the good times The happy moments. Then comes the thought Of the future The hurdles I need to get over. Wanting someone To do it for me. No cheat code In this part of life. Damn. Someone please... Continue Reading →


How do they do it? You aim high. The effort is twice as hard, It's true. It's easier said than done. Exams in jan. Christmas the day after Revision fits where? Damn. I'm done. Can't sleep Knowing I ain't got It all fixed.

Standing out

why am i not like them? whats wrong with me? some days i am gloomy some hours i am carefree. give it a few days to sink in I start regretting letting loose. Put me in a room with outgoing peeps i might stand out not physically but mentally. Not ready to show the real... Continue Reading →

The mind part 2

you dont feel the pain you sit and the worst takes place up in your mind. you may have been blessed with a loving family with friends that care. but you were given a load for you to carry one that has to be dropped along the road you've reached the drop off zone. yet... Continue Reading →

The Mind #1

It keeps you companywhen you are aloneor surrounded with people.it is your best friendbut your worst enemy.you become attached,its time to let gofor the relationship is toxic.you start to question yourself,what will you do without it?you must let goyou want to let gobut you still hold on.You tell yourself,you are fine.you are okay.you are a... Continue Reading →

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