Some loving

You are annoying You piss me off at times But I can't get rid of you You need my attention At the wrong time You come to me I push you off You sulk. You just need some loving An emotion That I really don't show It's hard to be tough and vulnerable. I can't... Continue Reading →


Maintenance requires little energy Balance requires attention And awareness. Both can and has been Accomplished. So why is it daunting For me? Why am I not able to Maintain the simplest Of things? You ain't in control And your awareness Isn't stable. Maintaining equilibriumIs a disciplineOf its own.To maintain balanceYou must get hold of yourself... Continue Reading →


You tell me Where to go. You distance Yourself slightly For a period of Time. The problem I think is you. I think I got this But you think I don't. You are back To controlling me. You've planned My life the way You want it. You got me On a leash As your puppet.... Continue Reading →


It's hurts Oh it hurts To see No one is there For you when They told you They will. Humans we all are. Helpful we try to be But it never is enough. I can go out and Beyound for you. I'm sorry as I am Still very much Unavailable. You play the Same game... Continue Reading →


Socially unaware Limited in the errors That can be made. All other roots Were closed The moment I was born. It was already All planned. Rebellion will Not change anything. Stay the course And enjoy the process. Stopped looking Around. Had nothing to learn From the perceived Actions and stories The flesh and bones Tells.... Continue Reading →

Self Doubt

Stuck on stupid. Knowing what You know. Yet you still make The simplest of errors. The outsiders start Wondering why. You give them a blank stare. Knowing of nothing That just happened. You suffering from Memory lost? Nah I just don't Control the automatic Reset mode my brain Goes into sometimes. Must be nice hey?... Continue Reading →

Not Ready Yet

I'm underground. There's nothing To show off here. It's all hardwork With long nights. You sit for so long You start to get Back pain. I've got my glutes All tight up. It hurts to walk It hurts to sleep It even hurts to laugh. That don't matter Cause my relationship With sleep is like... Continue Reading →

The Glass Box

You see me But you can't hear me. I hear your words. I feel your hurt. I speak comfort Into the atmosphere But you can't hear me. What can I do For you to hear me? What actions must I make For you to take me seriously? I am not an act. I am not... Continue Reading →


Throwback poem from couples years ago (4 years) I really am trying my bestfeeling like i'm being chocked upwith all the expectationsand the revisions.Just like my dad is fightingi can say i'm not fightingbut at least i am trying.This is my last runso i understandthat i have to make it count. The insult of sleepingso... Continue Reading →

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