Feeling fed up And unsatisfied. Staring at a screen Watching humans act And earn their living I'm here lying in bed Waiting for time to Pass by. Being so focused The days go by As a blur Driving at high soeed The trees and view All fade into one painting. I'm fed up and tired... Continue Reading →

Back sit passenger

Swiping up Nothing comforts me. I'm numb. So used to acting I forget how I feel. There's no use in trying. I just go with the flow The glow has gone. They want me happy So I stay acting. Don't like questions Being asked So I stay in the role. The big sis I worked... Continue Reading →

Let loose

Heart's beating. Skins' crying. The wild you Has just been Let loose. You have no control Over yourself. You kiss that mouth Like you're drinking water. Water that you've been dying To taste. Your soul longs to belong. Your soul longs to be free. You've got it. And now you are on a thrill ride.... Continue Reading →

I wish

For I wish only one thing I dry the tears running Down my face My head streaming with thoughts Someone please come From the future Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart As I cry and cry My nights are lonely But so are my days. They... Continue Reading →


There are times I get anxious There are times things Get hard for me But that's just it. Focused on the things. You have to do Call it your to do list Nothing else really matters. Don't even look around you. It's all about the to do list. Always have to be on top Of... Continue Reading →

Give Time

They see They pretend not to. They hear But they are muted. "Sorry I can't help" Is all that comes out. Silence is enough To feel alone. I spoke out. Speak out they say. I get nohing. You continue As though Nothing ever happened. Reality of humanity. We have chosen To be so distant. Not... Continue Reading →

Not my place

Part of me wants to change. The other wants to stay the same. Feeling like it's Not my place But still Wanting to Take part. The battlefield Is very brutal Some survive. With word Spreading Help has come. The battle seems Easier with Much better weapons. I stand as I watch The world go past.... Continue Reading →

Perfect Humans (Nigerians)

Family members can unintentionally drive you to your death bed. i am currently planning to write a poem based on this due to a personal experience i am currently going through . so im halve Nigerian and halve french.. Long story short my parents got divorced and my mum gave us to our dad (who... Continue Reading →


There are moments in our lives. We don't want To live twice. Seeing someone Go through The same thing Telling yourself Yeah I've been Through that And I survived. It's not as bad As it feels. I just hope they Listen to you Reach out their Hands to help Them up. There are moments In... Continue Reading →

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