Give in but don’t give up

Have you ever felt that resistance within you? Like you want to do something but then again you don't want to do it even though you know that it's good or it will do you some good? well, that is what this poem is slightly about. itย  tells a story of that resistance or fight.... Continue Reading →

A message

Hey guys!! ๐Ÿ˜ This poem came after the "conversation" had taken place. I was taking a break from my clinical and applied physiology revision which was quite intense I was revising neuro degeneration and staining techniques used to identify the different diseases of the brain. I took a step out into my balcony and just... Continue Reading →

The boxing match

I will be changing things up now. So heads up๐Ÿ˜‰. With every poem I post I will give a brief background about how it came about. For this particular poem "the boxing match" I wrote it or rather my soul or my ghost hand wrote it as a reflection point to all the feedback I've... Continue Reading →


How can one personSay so many differentThings in the spaceOf one week?You've contradictedYourself many timesAnd yet you wantMe to heed your advice?! Focus is a disciplineA work of artWhich shouldNever betampered with.You zone outFrom the worldAnd zone intoYour work piece.Full on beast mode.Brings out theBest of works. You are in the zone!!That focus of yoursIs... Continue Reading →

The Force.

It raisesWithin meThere's a forceThat is slowlyBecoming strongerWith each dayThat is made. Come all yeWho are wearyDraw near me.You may notBe in controlDon't you worryThe force thatDraws youTo me isNot harmful. I have beenmade emptiedAnd I have beenFilled.I have beengiven nutrientsThat will enlightenYour soul.The force I feelRaising from withinWill draw you nearAllowing yourempty vesselsTo be... Continue Reading →


Who will bethe heroof my heart?Who will saveMe from thisDrowning feelingI'm currently in?Where is my agent high?Where is the substanceThat will irradicateThis feeling of weakness? Who will be theHero of this girl?From afarYou can see she'sTired but sheKeeps going.With every heavyMovementShe chants:I got thisYou cane neverstop me No hero's?!Well I guessShe's gonnabe her own superhero.Lessons... Continue Reading →

Trust walk

What is itWith you?I don't get youAt times.You come thenYou leave.You say thingsThat make meBelieve you'veChanged.So I go on aWalk with youBecause I trust you. This trust walkis where you openUp to me.I feel your hurt.But I also feelThe love urgingTo come out.I trust you've changed.I can see it inThe way youWalk and holdYour head... Continue Reading →

Passenger’s sit

Oh Boii do IJust want toGo back toThe passenger's sit.Just sit and watchAs each day passesBy not fully beingIn control ofHow each day goes. You're reluctant.You want to chill.Sit back andWatch as othersCatch or makeTheir goalscome true. You shouldKnow thisAbout yourselfBy now.You are notOne of them.You must alwaysKeep creatingKeep movingThe wavesYou createAre attractingSouls. Don't stop... Continue Reading →

The core

There is moreThat meets the eyes.So whateverIt is that'sComing at you,Take it upAnd analyse it.Remember youare human.You are not perfect. Don't closeYourself upTo the lifeYou live.Yes! It hurts youBut its only toOpen you upWhen given aPresent that'sWrapped up.What must youDo?You tear upThe wrapping paper. The core isWhere trueBeauty lies.If you ain't openLife will ensureTo break... Continue Reading →

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