Walk For Me

It's a new year And I'm sad. Stay with family Then I'm happy. In bed remenesing On the good times The happy moments. Then comes the thought Of the future The hurdles I need to get over. Wanting someone To do it for me. No cheat code In this part of life. Damn. Someone please... Continue Reading →

Standing out

why am i not like them? whats wrong with me? some days i am gloomy some hours i am carefree. give it a few days to sink in I start regretting letting loose. Put me in a room with outgoing peeps i might stand out not physically but mentally. Not ready to show the real... Continue Reading →

The mind part 2

you dont feel the pain you sit and the worst takes place up in your mind. you may have been blessed with a loving family with friends that care. but you were given a load for you to carry one that has to be dropped along the road you've reached the drop off zone. yet... Continue Reading →

Help Me

Help me to shake it or take it away. This gloomy feeling, the emptiness I feel unmotivated to continue this journey I am on. I was doing fine driving myself in the direction that I want to go. So someone just help me I don't need you to stick around I just want this feeling... Continue Reading →

I Believe

I'm not feeling great I just don't know what to do anymore. trying not to get into vices I hear that it helps but what if I get too attached to my vices wont that make me an addict? I don't like the idea of running.   I like to face my challenges head on... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

if only someone could tell me what to do where to go how to feel and how to speak cause this is feeling a little all too much. I turn my head to the right no shoulder to lean on to my left I see family members all too busy with their own desires what... Continue Reading →


You laugh. You tease. Me the fool, Will laugh and Go along with it. But it hurts. And I don't like it. A victim of a life, I can't live. A life that is not mine. My life has a different road. There are distractions, That come along. I enjoy them. Living in the moment,... Continue Reading →

Tap out

  I want to tap out. I want another way out. I can't go on like this. I was fine, Boxed my emotions away. Done as was told. Respect. Smile. Lead by a good example. That's just it. What next. You tell me what to do, Forget I have a choice, And a voice too.... Continue Reading →

My wish

  For I wish only one thing. As I dry the tears running Down my face. My head streaming with thoughts, Someone please come From the future. Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart. As I cry and cry, My nights are lonely. But so are my... Continue Reading →

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