The Mind #1

It keeps you companywhen you are aloneor surrounded with is your best friendbut your worst become attached,its time to let gofor the relationshipis start to question yourself,what will you do without it?you must let goyou want to let gobut you still hold on.You tell yourself,you are are are a Continue Reading →

Help Me

Help me to shake it or take it away. This gloomy feeling, the emptiness I feel unmotivated to continue this journey I am on. I was doing fine driving myself in the direction that I want to go. So someone just help me I don't need you to stick around I just want this feeling... Continue Reading →

I Believe

I'm not feeling great I just don't know what to do anymore. trying not to get into vices I hear that it helps but what if I get too attached to my vices wont that make me an addict? I don't like the idea of running.   I like to face my challenges head on... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

if only someone could tell me what to do where to go how to feel and how to speak cause this is feeling a little all too much. I turn my head to the right no shoulder to lean on to my left I see family members all too busy with their own desires what... Continue Reading →


You laugh. You tease. Me the fool, Will laugh and Go along with it. But it hurts. And I don't like it. A victim of a life, I can't live. A life that is not mine. My life has a different road. There are distractions, That come along. I enjoy them. Living in the moment,... Continue Reading →

Tap out

  I want to tap out. I want another way out. I can't go on like this. I was fine, Boxed my emotions away. Done as was told. Respect. Smile. Lead by a good example. That's just it. What next. You tell me what to do, Forget I have a choice, And a voice too.... Continue Reading →

My wish

  For I wish only one thing. As I dry the tears running Down my face. My head streaming with thoughts, Someone please come From the future. Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart. As I cry and cry, My nights are lonely. But so are my... Continue Reading →

At peace

  The inner me is about to blow, Keeping it together, Really is hard. How do they do it? How should I do it? Speak out and voice your thoughts, It won't hurt, Let me give it a try. Describing the pain, With words I don't have. I am bored of myself, I am bored... Continue Reading →

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