My tormentor

The cravings of a humanIs visciousIt burns internalkyHearts racingMinds rushingImages flowing oastOf a life I wishI could haveI close my eyesAnd I'm happyJust the two of us.Without a care inThe worldWho made allThese rules I want out.I don't want to beHeld downBy rules and expectationsI want lustI want loveI crave for bloodThe metallic tasteIn my... Continue Reading →

Tap out

I want to tap out. I want another way out. I can't go on like this. I was fine, Boxed my emotions away. Done as was told. Respect. Smile. Lead by a good example. That's just it. What next. You tell me what to do, Forget I have a choice, And a voice too. Man... Continue Reading →

Never ending

You fought the nightYou wrestled against theShadows of yourChildhoods past.You were capturedAnd heldIn the drumming room.Slepless nightsHad your pillowWith wet patches. Your lifeless companionNext to youYou held it close.What wordsWould it sayThat would comfort youIn the drumming room.The banging never seized.The temporary medsSeemed to have worked. Years gone passedDifferent battlesYou had to fight.Comparing yoursTo people... Continue Reading →


He calls it erratic behaviour. But the day to day term Is anxiety You never know When the next wave Will come. You just hope that You will be able to control it. Clinging your teeth Waiting for the wave to pass Don't give in Don't give in. You've got this Don't let it get... Continue Reading →


You've dropped it You look around Hoping someone Would help you out. They all seem distracted. To your left A group picking up their Own broken pieces To your right A group sticking their Pieces together. You look down Shaking trembling. Blinded by the tears Treaming down. Am I invisible? You open your mouth They... Continue Reading →


Why can't I cry? I'm fed up But I can't cry. I wake up each day They expect me To be fine. I tell them I'm fine They can't help me. They can't walk in my shoes They can't stop the time For me. So I just keep going I just keep putting One foot... Continue Reading →


Innocence is pure It's very precious Innocence is like A new born baby Being brought Up in a chaotic World. Pure as the sunrise. Over the years it Starts to drip With blood. What was pure As now being Perverted. It all came to a Violent hult. A stop that is active. A new red... Continue Reading →

Not my place

Part of me wants to change. The other wants to stay the same. Feeling like it's Not my place But still Wanting to Take part. The battlefield Is very brutal Some survive. With word Spreading Help has come. The battle seems Easier with Much better weapons. I stand as I watch The world go past.... Continue Reading →

Won’t Stop

I am been dragged Into the dark. I don't want to go. I am fighting Trying to keep it in. I just don't want to go. I am not ready. I have moved on. A new me has emerged. Isn't that surprising? Changes have been made Oh I am so glad. I can finally be... Continue Reading →

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