I write

I write for thoseWho can't findTheir voice.You've been mutedWithout your consent.How dare they?!They had no right!They had no rightTo harm you!Your lovely kindSoft soul meltsInto their hands. My dearCome hereThe worstIs almost overThey forgot toTake your zealAway.That tiny voiceIs still screamingNo matterHow badlyYou hurt.Scream even liuderNever stop screaming. It resonates.It breaksThe wallsCreated by them.They can't... Continue Reading →


The path of lifeIs forever changingNothing staysThe same for long.Just like theMoving clouds,The ranging waves,The flog of birdsFlying acrossThe sky.The wind thoughNot seenIs felt moving.It brushes on our skin. It may at timesBe aggressiveJust like everythingThat moves.Emotion is in everythingThat lives.Emotion is theGirft of lifeBut when notHandled correctlyIt burns us from theInside out.Just like a... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award.

Wow, thank you H.R phoenix (mindnightlion) for presenting me with awesome blogger award! I am honestly humbled and touched for this. I am lost for words but not entirely for you have literally motivated me to continue posting and interacting with other poets alike. I can literally feel your positive energy grabbing hold of me... Continue Reading →

Losing it?

No poems today guys. i have something that needs to be off loaded and if anyone of you reading this could leave a comment to reassure me that would be much appreciated. *Takes a deep breath in... then breaths out slowly* okay! so basically,i have just finished my 2nd year of my¬† medical physiology degree... Continue Reading →

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