Behind “Keep trying”

The story behind the poem “keep trying”


i wrote Keep trying as a way to encourage myself to keep going with my studies. university was not what i thought it would be. i was aware of the hard times that would come with understanding the lectures and preparing for the exams there other things i had to overcome.

I have a lot of conversations with myself mentally from hyping myself up to trying to convince myself to do some revision or to take a break from revision. so my mind would always be busy. i also get poem ideas when im in lectures or just simply sitting down in the train.there are times i would want for my  mind to be at peace.

Later on in the poem there are things written that came from the conversation with my dad. The pressure of holding a good image for the younger ones that are looking up at me. i wanted to give up. i was tired of living a life that i had to constantly check in if i was in the right lane. alot of mental pressure was and is still on me. this is what the poem is about.


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