Behind “jumper”

This poem i wrote was about a family member

They are a different type of human. I’m sure that there are other humans out there just like her. in the poem i talk about them jumping into conclusions always jumping to the worst a person can do and forget all the good things they have done for you.

Deep down i honestly do not like people like that and it was after the situation had happened i sat down to reflect the amount of humans out there that behave like animals. i know for sure i’m one of them but i behave like an animal in a Good way. there are good ways and bad ways and for me? well i used to hear my “friends” say i’m weird but I’ve come to terms with my animal side i’m wild when i’m happy.

That’s the story behind jumper. always jumping to the worst thing that a person could do but when you speak to that individual they haven’t done even an 1% of what you thought they did. how does that make you feel?

For me i sure will be embarrassed and bite my tongue

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