Not my place

Part of me wants
to change.
The other wants
to stay the same.
Feeling like it’s
Not my place
But still
Wanting to
Take part.
The battlefield
Is very brutal
Some survive.
With word
Help has come.
The battle seems
Easier with
Much better weapons.

I stand as I watch
The world go past.
At times I take part.
Moments I just stand
And watch
I do not take part.
I have no fear
Of missing out.
But the fear of
Something greater
Than me.
So I stand and watch.
For it is not my place
To take part
At gatherings.
For I fear
Of losing the feeling
Of the small
Spark of happiness.

Sad as this may be.
I am content
With the little
Role I play
In people’s
It is not my place
To tell them to stay.
At arms length
They shall stay.
I stand and watch
I speak
but not too much
I give
but not too much.
I feel
But not too much.
It is not my place
To make them stay

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