No sense

This doesn't make sense Why am I under attack? I know it isn't me. I know I'm not depressed And I'm defo not anxious. Whats up mind? Why you doing this? We were doing well. Didn't you like not Being held down? You've come so far. I'm looking around Trying to see What I've done... Continue Reading →

The Match

You've put me to one cornerI've done nothing wrong¬† yet you drag me And beat me up. I dont know whatI've done to upset you. I left you. You weren't good for me. I got tired of youI didn't want you around So I left. You caught me off guard. Like my opponent You're giving... Continue Reading →

Another wall

It doesn't feel as bad anymore My back against it And I ain't stressed Or anxious over this Stage anymore. I feel it. It's envitable. The cold nimbingly Away at my bones I've hit yet another wall. But I'm not panicking. I lay on this bench One hand supporting My head. Embraced by the cold... Continue Reading →

What now

I've dropped everything down Just to fulfil your vision for me I've hit a wall and I'm asking why? Why do I stress this much Why do I feel time Isn't on my side. All these questions Got me to one corner. I turn to look at the wall That's stopped my progress. What do... Continue Reading →


nothing willl ever stay the same why would you want for something to stay the same. difference is the best you can get in life yet you are here wishing you want to stay the same. you're over there wishing for this to have stayed the same. change should always be welcomed not shut down.... Continue Reading →

The Fighter.

I'm always scared To fall behind So I work like My life depends On it. It does if you think About it. Without education Who am I? I have skills But no sponsor To drive it through. Who am i Without knowledge? Just a plain boring Vessel That has nothing To offer in this life.... Continue Reading →

Speed train

Blur I close my eye Head is turning Everyday blending into one It doesn't seem to stop I'm on a speed train. The speed doesn't seem to slow down. 3rd year is mad It goes by so fast If u ain't careful You will be left behind Survival of the smartest That is what uni... Continue Reading →

Hold it down

Stand firm Stay focused The hardship May still be going But our stop hasnt Arrived Hold it down Don't lose hope Stay grateful Saty focused On the daily blessings Little is the money Plenty is the blessing Awaiting you. Turn your tunnel vision On. The wind blows heavy The flag must be held down You... Continue Reading →


Am I allowed to feel this certain way Am I allowed to smile At the messages being sent Do I shut this conversation down If I do What will I do next Am I allowed to laugh At dirty jokes Am I allowed to ignite The conversations. Is it okay for me to crave Another... Continue Reading →

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