Let loose

Heart's beating. Skins' crying. The wild you Has just been Let loose. You have no control Over yourself. You kiss that mouth Like you're drinking water. Water that you've been dying To taste. Your soul longs to belong. Your soul longs to be free. You've got it. And now you are on a thrill ride.... Continue Reading →

Don’t know

My head my mind Once was empty The wall was up strong. Now I'm all alone With nothing but My studies to complete And my future to pounder About. I don't know where I'll be 2 years from now. I don't know what This tiny feeling is about. I'm not scared. I'm just not Used... Continue Reading →


Innocence is pure It's very precious Innocence is like A new born baby Being brought Up in a chaotic World. Pure as the sunrise. Over the years it Starts to drip With blood. What was pure As now being Perverted. It all came to a Violent hult. A stop that is active. A new red... Continue Reading →


Distractions are dangerous They can lead you to a place You never have thought about Distractions If you are not careful You will end up lost. Lost and hard to come Back round If you are determined When your lost you can And will always find your Way back. As a student there are many... Continue Reading →


Mini me is mentally running around. Trying to keep on Top with all the Tasks been verbally Handed to us. Don't panic. I tell myself Deep breath In and out. You got this. This is humanly possible. Writing but letters Are passing through my head I've forgotten how to spell. Oh no! Get out of... Continue Reading →

Measure up

You never but you can Prioritise your time. You've got to measure up After you've fallen off. Wipe off the hurt And stand tall Remembering What it taught you. Don't let it slow you down. You got to Fight against The dark. You don't Want to be trapped In the past Depression As the prison... Continue Reading →

One on one

You got to like what you see Why don't you like what you see? Man I don't know! To hell with What I see. What do they see? Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder. Why not start Within? Beauty flows From within It doesn't flow The other way. Insecurity is not What this... Continue Reading →

I wish

For I wish only one thing I dry the tears running Down my face My head streaming with thoughts Someone please come From the future Tell me this is All going to be worth it. I carry a heavy heart As I cry and cry My nights are lonely But so are my days. They... Continue Reading →


Living a life of peace and comfort Is what I want. Life looks down at me and laughs. Can't a girl like me Sit and dream of how life would be With comfort? Easy to reach Yet hard to get Life isn't about comfort The game isn't that easy. What a fool I am! I... Continue Reading →

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